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February 27, 2011 / doitinnyc


NYC has a plenty of hottest places; nevertheless some of them are very special…

When you walk on 58TH Street, between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue, yu can’t miss the LAVO. Actually, you can’t miss the line in front of the club; it’s usual that some people wait 45 minutes outside

What is the LAVO? A very upscale nightclub and restaurant. This is apparently the place to be right now! Crowds of models and financiers taking up space in this club, and there is nothing unusual about the fact to meet celebrities. LAVO is an Italian club, so the food is Italian, and if you go to the club, you will meet a lot of Italian guys.

Concerning the policy, to be honest,  girls have to be 1,70 tall, and men have to earn enough money in order to paid a lot of drinks to girls. If not, it will be impossible to come in.

I had the opportunity to go in this club several times, and I can say that it’s not just a reputation. It’s an amazing place. The men offer drinks to girls throughout the night, there is House music, and you have enough space to dance. The entrance of the club is $20.

To sum-up, I will love to go out every weekends in this club.

(212) 584.2700
Hours of Operation:
Thursday – Saturday : 10pm – 4am

February 21, 2011 / doitinnyc


Actually, you don’t really skate with a star, but you can imagine…. Or you can just skating with your friends.

The City Pond at Bryant Park is a great place to have fun at a cheap cost. The entrance is free, and you can bring your ice skates. If you don’t have your own materials, it’s not a problem; the rink rent ice skating for $13. Just you know, don’t expect to have the same that Philippe Candeloro because it will not happen. In fact, their ice skates are old, not comfortable at all, and they get wet. Nevertheless, it’s enough for your performance! If I can give an advice, it will be to come on the evening. Why? Because skating in the heart of Manhattan always is an amazing landscape especially with all floodlit skyscrapers. However, don’t expect to phone or to take pictures when you are skating because it’s strictly forbidden. If you try, a nicely guard will be here to remind you the rules.  The rink is not so big, so you go round in circles very quickly; it can be a little boring… When you are fed up with skating, you can make a snack break inside the rink. There are hot dogs, popcorn, and a lot of others great confectionery.

Don’t forget, when winter is coming in NYC, rinks spring up in Manhattan; it becomes an inescapable place where you have to go at least once!

February 13, 2011 / doitinnyc


Get a ticket for the paradise…

The 230 5th Avenue is one of the most beautiful rooftop in Manhattan. You can admire the Empire State Building while you are sipping your drinks.

I know what you are thinking right now…! A rooftop in winter?? Yes, it’s possible. First of all, there are at least two heat lamps by table. Plus, they give you a red housecoat in order to protect you against the freezing temperature. Honesty, it’s supportable. The situation is pretty funny because everybody wears the red housecoat, and it gives us the feeling to belong to a secret club. Concerning the drinks, it’s not so expensive. You can drink a Mojito for $14, a Cosmopolitan for $12.

Nevertheless, I recommend you to order a Hot Triple Chocolate with alcohol. This chocolate is made up of Godiva dark chocolate liqueur and Godiva white chocolate liqueur; The price, $10.

If you are freezing, you always can spend the night in the penthouse lounge where the atmosphere is very intimate. The 230 5th Avenue is a very good place to start a crazy night.

230 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001 – Phone: 212.725.4300.

February 6, 2011 / doitinnyc


A taste of the tropics in NEW YORK

Friday night, the temperature is frozen in Manhattan, spring break is coming, and every student wants the heat of the sun, parties, and beaches! Awaiting holidays, Nikki beach is the place to be to find a taste of the tropics in NY. All these reasons had persuaded my roommate and I to go to this place. First of all, my first impression was “OMG I have the feeling to be in a cabin in front of the beach!” I almost could hear the sound of the waves. The décor was very Miami Beach; featuring an all white décor, vaulted ceilings, bamboo posts and rustic wood tables. Nikki overflows with pillows and beds; it gives you the sensation to live in a cocoon.

Nevertheless, my excitation had quickly changed when I saw the line for the cloakroom. I have never seen that before; a line with between sixty and eighty people. I couldn’t imagine waiting one hour to give my coat. Fortunately for me, I came with a promoter which permitted me to overtake everybody. What is a promoter? It’s the guy who permits you to not pay the entrance, and to drink unlimited alcohol. It’s the best way to have a completely free night, and to be in the best VIP lounge in the city. By talking private space, the second floor VIP room looks down upon the dance floor with a massive glass wall. How you can be in the VIP lounge? It’s easy, you have to pay an annual fee, and you will have a Black card which grants access to the upstairs lounge with private beds and table service. How much you have to pay? Just $5,000 a year….

By the way, how is the music? If you like to RnB and House music, you will be delighted!

Plus, if you want something more peaceful, Nikki Beach is not just a club. In fact, it has a 3-7pm happy hour, Monday through Saturday. The best? You have free tapas with your drinks (even if drinks are always expensive, $11 for a Gin Tonic).

To sum up, a lot of fun, good atmosphere, but not enough space if you haven’t your VIP lounge. Plus, I think the Nikki Beach is better in Miami, I will go there for you during Spring Break!

Nikki Beach – Midtown: 151 East 50th street, NY 10021.