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March 20, 2011 / doitinnyc


The Griffin opened in 2009, and it became very quickly one of the hottest spot in NYC.

If you have the chance to get in, you will have the feeling to make a party in an old and luxurious apartment.

The decor seemed Victorian-ish with dark wood, heavy dark velvet couches and chandeliers. Personally, I love the red lit chandelier in the middle of the room; just under it you have a podium where you can dance, and where everybody can see you! It’s the place for the dancers, you know these very pretty girls who are almost naked!

However, the space is not so bigger. There is no official dance floor, so the good way is to have your own table….

Plus, you will run into celebrities; Lindsay Lohan was in the Griffin on this Friday night.

Drinks are pricey, to give you some examples a mojito and a Tom Collins cost $20 each, and $12 for a shot.

I have already gone to the Griffin several times, and I could go every weeks!



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  1. Charlene / May 15 2011 4:52 pm

    The Griggin is one of my favorites places in New York city. I like the neighborhood and atmosphere.

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