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February 27, 2011 / doitinnyc


NYC has a plenty of hottest places; nevertheless some of them are very special…

When you walk on 58TH Street, between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue, yu can’t miss the LAVO. Actually, you can’t miss the line in front of the club; it’s usual that some people wait 45 minutes outside

What is the LAVO? A very upscale nightclub and restaurant. This is apparently the place to be right now! Crowds of models and financiers taking up space in this club, and there is nothing unusual about the fact to meet celebrities. LAVO is an Italian club, so the food is Italian, and if you go to the club, you will meet a lot of Italian guys.

Concerning the policy, to be honest,  girls have to be 1,70 tall, and men have to earn enough money in order to paid a lot of drinks to girls. If not, it will be impossible to come in.

I had the opportunity to go in this club several times, and I can say that it’s not just a reputation. It’s an amazing place. The men offer drinks to girls throughout the night, there is House music, and you have enough space to dance. The entrance of the club is $20.

To sum-up, I will love to go out every weekends in this club.

(212) 584.2700
Hours of Operation:
Thursday – Saturday : 10pm – 4am


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