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February 21, 2011 / doitinnyc


Actually, you don’t really skate with a star, but you can imagine…. Or you can just skating with your friends.

The City Pond at Bryant Park is a great place to have fun at a cheap cost. The entrance is free, and you can bring your ice skates. If you don’t have your own materials, it’s not a problem; the rink rent ice skating for $13. Just you know, don’t expect to have the same that Philippe Candeloro because it will not happen. In fact, their ice skates are old, not comfortable at all, and they get wet. Nevertheless, it’s enough for your performance! If I can give an advice, it will be to come on the evening. Why? Because skating in the heart of Manhattan always is an amazing landscape especially with all floodlit skyscrapers. However, don’t expect to phone or to take pictures when you are skating because it’s strictly forbidden. If you try, a nicely guard will be here to remind you the rules.  The rink is not so big, so you go round in circles very quickly; it can be a little boring… When you are fed up with skating, you can make a snack break inside the rink. There are hot dogs, popcorn, and a lot of others great confectionery.

Don’t forget, when winter is coming in NYC, rinks spring up in Manhattan; it becomes an inescapable place where you have to go at least once!


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